Assembly line

The primary activity of Galeb company is production of wearing apparel: underwear, outwear and nightwear. Our production program includes assortment of products for women, men and children. Products are primarily made of natural fibers (cotton), one part is made of natural regenerated fibers (mocromodal) combined with elastan fibers. We are proud to point out that we carry out the entire production process from knitting to the finished wearing apparel within the own production plant. Production process itself is carried out through the following technological stages:


For production of knitting Galeb uses circular knitting machine. The characteristic of knitted fabric made on such knitting machines is the form of tube and that for every size of product the other diameter of knitted fabric is used. The knitting plant has been equipped with cca 100 knitting machines with the installed annual capacity of cca 800 tons of knitted fabric. Knitting machines may produce single-bed knitting, double-bed knitting, interlock, jacquard and pique knitting.

Majority of products has an adequate “tube width” for each size, so they are made without side seams, which makes the manufacturing technology specific.

Finishing fabric (dyeing, bleaching, washing, drying)

Finishing has been equipped with modern machines for coloring (jet), and the entire line for drying and compacting of knitted fabrics. In process of bleaching and coloring, only the ecologically acceptable mediums of reputable world producers are used. The colors used are temperature-, sweat – and friction-resistant, and we are developing some impregnation abilities which are dictated by the world’s trends on satisfying and developing customers needs.


Tailoring, as the next phase of the technological process, starts with laying down knitwear and forming cutting markers and continues with tailoring according to predefined sample. Garment manufacturing in the cutting department has machines for laying down and cutting knitted fabrics, as also the device for manufacturing cutting layouts (Lectra).


The sewing facility has been equipped with over 200 sewing machines of various types thus enabling production of wide assortment of products.

Examination, packaging

Control and packaging is the final phase of the production process. Controls each sewn product and packaging is done by hand or machine for automatic packaging of products, depending on the type and appearance of packaged goods.