Galeb ultra thermo long underpants for women
About product

Manufacturer: Galeb

  • 50% polypropylene
  • 50% wool

Functional properties:

  • Made in soft plush structure, with extra fine merino wool on the outside and polypropylene inside which was produced with permanant antibacterial treatment and characteristics
  • Merino wool is natural solution for regulating temperature, while also being odor resistant along with natural antibacterial characteristics
  • Galeb Ultra Thermo is constructed to reduce the impact of cold and heat and help the body maintain an ideal temperature, with quick transfer of moisture and sweat, while inhibiting bacteria growth and minimizing the risk of unpleasent body odor
  • It will keep you warm, dry and fresh
  • Along with excellent thermoregulation and moisture management properties, modern body fit cut ensures superior mobility.
  • Galeb Ultra Thermo is suitable for sensitive skin with exceptional durability and a high comfort level thanks to its breathability and softness
Product code: 032-9828